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Founder: Show Promoter  &  Organizer

Business Marketplace 3 Shows in 1

Investment—Real Estate Franchise & Business Opportunities Showcase

Business Marketplace Franchise Investment Real Estate - Premier Business Seminars & Conferences

Investment—Real Estate Franchise & Business Opportunities Showcase


Guthy Renker Internet

Sample: Informmercial

Choice Mall  Canadian Marketing Co-Ordinator

Service Agreement to hold private workshops for the Learning Annex, George Brown College, The University of Toronto (Steps-to-Private Practice) , Toronto Hydro, etc.

Guest speaker at Eastern Commerce Collegiate Institue, Franchise Show, etc.

– sample Video workshop for Toronto Hydro

Wealth Wise Group – ConsultantSee National Informmercial


Brought CJGO to Canada: we grew from 0 to 65 employees in 3 years generating sales

$5,000,000 -10,000,000 before my departure.wealth without risk for canadians - Premier Business Seminars & Conferences

Supervisor of Seminars Managers

&  Sales Co-Ordinators

Manager of Logistics & Scheduling:

– Booked OVER 300 events and 1,000,000  attendees

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