Business Trip Album

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Henry Tse on Indonesia – Jakarta (Kalimantan)
Trade Mission to Indonesia (Kalimantan) for coal export to China.
Sowkee, Ficky, Demmy.

Indonesia – Jakarta (Kalimantan) from Henry Tse on Vimeo.

West Africa – Trade Mission
Conakry, Guinee (Siguiri) gold exploration. brought back samples.
Serge (personal security) Mamadou Sow chief delegate, Alpha, Ibrahim Fofana.
Received personal introduction Congo oil magnate and Diallo Ahmadou Sadio Cracatte General Chief of Police Elhadj Madifind Diane,

West Africa – Trade Mission from Henry Tse on Vimeo.

Ghana Trade Mission & Sponsorship
Joanna Bediako, Alltrade & Marketing, sponsored from Ghana to Toronto,for land project and commodities import & export.

Ghana Trade Mission & Sponsorship from Henry Tse on Vimeo.


Weekend stop-over France Paris for trade mission to West Africa – Guinee (Conakry)
University student assistant at Guinee embassy. Introduction to Life as a university student . subway, and city tour.

France – Paris from Henry Tse on Vimeo.




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