File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

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Welcome to my personal FTP

File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

FTP accounts allow you to access your website’s files through a protocol called FTP. Use a third-party FTP program to access your files. To log into your account via FTP, enter “” as your FTP host, the username, and password.

Manual Settings
FTP Username:
FTP Server:
FTP port: 21
Configuration Files
filezilla - File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
for Windows
coreftp - File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
Core FTP
for Windows
cyberduck - File Transfer Protocol (FTP)
for Mac
FTP Configuration File
FTP Configuration File
FTP Configuration File

A member of the TCP/IP suite of protocols, used to copy files between two ftp clients - File Transfer Protocol (FTP)computers on the Internet. Both computers must support their respective FTP roles: one must be an FTP client and the other an FTP server.

This link and the sub-folder was designed to expedite exchange files with family, friends, and associate business colleagues.

To upload a file, photo, etc. all you need is an FTP client.

Simply drag the file from your desktop or the folder  you have saved in My Documents into the folder I have created for you.

IF you don’t see the folder we discussed use the default folder called   “ftp DEFAULT”  or simply create a NEW folder by right clicking your mouse and let me know the name of your folder for our mutual exchange, etc.

How to get started:

User Name login:

PW:    iVWa9GKbjs@(2
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